We at Vedish, design scarves & stoles for the woman of today. Our scarves reflect feminine spontaneity of the kind that women of all ages love to adorn.

From patterns that are inspired from dreamy summer laces to war fields of natural colour, the stoles come in textures of cotton, linen, silk, pashmina, viscose & more.

Our craftsmanship is curated by experienced designers who bring unmatched richness, artistic excellence and local embellishments to contemporary designs.

We take utmost care to ensure consistent high quality in our unique merchandise.

Each Vedish Scarf is an original, exquisite piece of art. For the brave and fashionable you, pull out a piece that appeals to you intuitively.

Let everything you put on yourself be an expression of who you are, what you think and how you feel.

Rediscover tradition.

Every day. Be seen with Vedish.